Photography students share their portfolios and what is important to them as artists

By Lydia Velazquez

Advanced photography studio students presented their portfolios at the Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art on Wednesday, gaining the important experience of presenting their work in a professional setting.

“In any event, you will have to have the ability to talk about it, conceptualize the work” said Carsten Meier, Utah State photography professor, about the need to be able to talk about one’s art.

After reaching out to NEHMA’s director Katie Lee-Koven, Meier was able to book a room and time for his students to present their portfolios. Meier views NEHMA as the “ideal location” to practice presenting, as it is a more professional setting compared to presenting in a classroom.

Photography students Alise King, Alexa Okerlund, and Chantelle McCall prepared and presented slides of both completed series of theirs as well as works in progress and discussed themes in their photography and their sources of inspiration.

“Art isn’t quite widely taken as something important,” junior Chantelle McCall said. “For us to be able to stand up here and speak to people whom may not understand and to say ‘yeah, we’re not just doing this shit for fun, we actually have a reason and we actually want change,’ I think that’s really beneficial for us.”


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